02 junio 2017 novedades keraben

We reduce our environmental impacts

Five years ago KERABEN GRUPO calculated its carbon footprint in order to reduce it.

03 febrero 2017 novedades keraben

New standard on ceramic tile installation

This is the first Spanish Technical Standard that specifies how ceramic tiles should be laid to guarantee their quality, durability and technical and aesthetic properties. The UNE 138002 standard has been prepared and approved by the leading associations and companies in the sector, including Keraben Grupo.

26 octubre 2016 novedades keraben

Design & Interior Architecture Night

For yet another year, the high-profile magazine ‘Revista Interiores’ held its Design & Interior Architecture Night: an event that acknowledges the talent, expertise and skill of some of today’s major designers, influencers and interior architects from Spain and abroad. On this occasion, we returned home with brilliant news…

06 octubre 2016 novedades keraben

Trends in interior tile design by Keraben

There’s something new in the air in the world of ceramic tiles, and on this occasion innovation has ventured beyond the collections themselves.

26 septiembre 2016 novedades keraben

When XL is too big but L is too small…

Keraben presents its new Premium formats, combining design, style, spontaneity and elegance.

22 julio 2016 novedades keraben

Antislip Shoeless Technology: new Outdoor with an Extra-Silky Texture.

Keraben Grupo has launched the new ANTISLIP SHOELESS TECHNOLOGY, a new improved version of anti-slip porcelain tiles with a roughness that is imperceptible to the touch.

13 julio 2016 novedades keraben

KERABEN 20mm: Sophisticated expansion

The new 20MM porcelain tiles are Keraben's latest product release. With their new thickness, these ceramic tiles have taken on a renewed dimension, becoming key pieces in the creation of spaces with a unique aesthetic and unbeatable resistance.

17 mayo 2016 novedades keraben

Uptown Art collection, a new wall covering with a lace print

Creativity and the breaking of design barriers know no limits, and Uptown Art is a clear example of that.

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