15 jun 2021

Keraben Woods Video 2021

Many people love the idea of wooden flooring, which is hardly surprising given that the stylishness of this natural material gives a unique decorative pleasure. Its beauty, unparalleled warmth, and wealth of different finishes manage to arouse every sense.

Keraben is inspired by the appearance and texture of wood in this video that presents the Portobello and Naturwood collections, which faithfully recreate this natural material, bringing the aesthetic properties of wood to every room but with added resistance and durability.

The Antislip version means that ceramic wood-effect floors are ideal for exterior use, offering increased visual continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces. Moreover, porcelain is the perfect material for use on façades.

There are no longer any limits to the wood effect in ceramic flooring: slats have now been extended to a new, more stylized and much more realistic version: the new Keraben 20x120 tile format. This option lets you create a different feel in every space depending on how the tiles are laid.


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