04 oct 2021

The Keraben Grupo’s product is a big hit at Cersaie 2021

The Keraben Grupo’s stand has received a multitude of visitors during the exhibition, eager to discover its range of ceramics through an innovative stand and under the inspirational legend “A reflection of you”. The Keraben Grupo’s stand has been hugely popular with buyers from all over the world, who have highlighted the concept of an open stand set up as design showroom, as well as the across-the-range consistency of the company’s products.

“A reflection of you" is the message that the company has brought to Cersaie 2021 and that delves further into the intent of each of the Group’s firms. Keraben is the reflection of that more sophisticated side that people have within themselves, of the desire and the purest elegance that one seeks to achieve through design; Metropol is the alter ego of those who are not driven by fashions, but who themselves create them through a rebellious, unique and bold attitude; and Ibero is the impulse that drives people to explore their creativity beyond established limits.


As visitors toured the Keraben stand, they discovered its Verse, Tapiz, Naturwood, Portobello, Rue de Paris, Barrignton and Bleuemix collections. Wood, stone, cement, colour and new 60x120 sizes combined in a range in which elegance, beauty and extreme quality have made it a huge focus of attention.

Metropol’s unique personality and style have been expressed through Yera, Mayari, Woodfeel, Iconic, Cosmopolitan, Fushion or Loussiana, which convey avant-garde, dynamism, charisma and style in their ceramic ranges.

In the case of Ibero, the visitor has experienced an adventure, a challenge, a new discovery replete with sensitivity and authenticity. The Gravity, Hikari, Silken, Solid, Life, Terranova, Wewood, Rossana, Artwood or Sunstone collections have traced this path towards new textures and designs without fear of experimenting with them.



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