07 nov 2023

New Keraben digital catalogue

At Keraben Grupo, always up to date of innovation, and with the goal of simplifying the day-to-day life of our customers, we have developed the Keraben digital product catalogue, through a multimedia, multi-platform and dynamic tool that allows us to manage, in less time and in a visual way, all the information related to our products and services.

What are its advantages?

  1. Checking product information is done centrally and inmediatelly, reducing the time for necessary procedures.
  2. Access to all our product information in just one click.
  3. Extension to the product search section.
  4. A strategic selection that facilitates filters and intuitive search.


What makes it different?

  1. Intelligent search engine that breaks down by product type and allows filters by style, series and sizes.
  2. Access to the whole collection sheets, where you can select type of body, size of colour, simplifying the checking of technical information.
  3. AR Technology, easy and intuitive use with immediate results to see our products installed in your own space, and if you like it, with the possibility of adding it to your favorites list.

Our new Keraben digital catalogue is committed to sustainability as it helps to reduce the printing of paper catalogues, reducing the impact on the environmental footprint.

Did you know that for every catalogue that is not printed, we avoid the consumption of 98 litres of water and the emission of 1.8 kg of CO2?

For all these advantages, and many more, dive into the new digital era of Keraben Grupo.

Go green, love life. Welcome to the digital era.


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