06 mar 2024


Keraben's collections were the first to be available on a digital platform that added agility and sustainability to the choice of materials for customers of the well-known firm from Nules. Coinciding with Cevisama 2024, Keraben Grupo has announced the integration of the Ibero and Metropol collections to this platform. Convenience, agility, access to real-time information and sustainability are the advantages of the new digital channel developed and expanded by Keraben Grupo. In addition to unquestionable advantages, such as agility and access to updated information at the click of a button, the digital catalogue developed by Keraben Grupo is an important step in reducing the company's environmental footprint and in its commitment to sustainability and care for its community.

The new Íbero and Metropol catalogues allow you to consult updated product information instantly, thus reducing management time. It also has an intelligent search engine broken down by type of product; complete collection files; augmented reality section to see the real application of the product in its own space and, if the userlikes it, they can add it to a list of favourites.

The new catalogue proposal is also a commitment to sustainability, as it allows for a reduction in the print run of paper catalogues, minimising the impact on the environmental footprint. did you know that for every catalogue that is not printed, 98 litres of water consumption and 1.8 kg of CO2 emissions are avoided?

This new format offers a series of advantages ranging from immediate and centralised information consultation, reducing the necessary procedures; the agility of having all the product data available at just one click; the web extension of the product search engine section to the strategic focus, which facilitates filtering and an intuitive search.


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