08 enero 2019

Once upon a time: The inspirational concept behind Keraben Grupo’s stand at Cevisama 2019

Once again Keraben Grupo will be taking part in Cevisama, the Spanish tile industry’s leading event, showcasing all its new products for the coming year.

On this occasion, the concept behind its spectacular stand is the opening phrase “Once upon a time”. Inspired by classic tales, Keraben Grupo will take visitors on a journey of discovery through a variety of settings with subtle magical touches that combine to evoke three of the best-known stories from children’s literature: The Wizard of Oz.

Through the magic of these tales, in three separate areas covering a total of over 1000 m2, guests will discover all the latest wall and floor tiles by the group’s brand.

Keraben: The Wizard of Oz

Subtle aspects of Keraben’s different settings conjure up courageous Dorothy’s adventures in the Land of Oz with her companions the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion.

In a backdrop typical of the American Mid-West, visitors to Cevisama will discover new tile formats, finishes and designs at the Yellow Brick Road Restaurant, in Dorothy’s bedroom, and in the Lion Room, among other magical places.

Keraben will be presenting new designs that encapsulate all the essence of nature’s beauty in exclusive wall and floor tile collections where stylish elegance has been combined with a strong contemporary appeal.

Other new features also include large rectified formats, relief textures and advanced functionalities, taking visitors way up high over the rainbow.


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