21 abril 2020

Keraben Grupo strengthens its environmental CSR

The company has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by 27,3% over the past 7 years.

Keraben Grupo has released its third Carbon Footprint Report, which includes key information related to the company's greenhouse gas emissions and climate change policies. The aim of this exercise is to provide a transparent summary of the company's climate change performance in terms of reducing their carbon footprint over the period 2017-2018.

In order to determine their total greenhouse gas emissions and implement the appropriate measures to reduce them, the company uses the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 14064-1 as a point of reference.

Per unit of product manufactured (m2), the company has managed to decrease their emissions from 10.63 t CO2/thousand m2 (2011) to 7.72 (2018), representing a 27.3% reduction in their footprint in 2018. We are already working towards reducing our footprint even further in 2019.

We achieved these results through the implementation of various energy efficiency measures throughout recent years. The key measures over the last two years were replacing the oven burners with more efficient alternatives that consume less gas, acquiring a new highly efficient EKO oven and updating the press cooling systems.

To add more credibility to the data obtained, this report is verified by an independent accredited body (SGS TECNOS). It performs an on-site audit to check, verify and certify that the data and actions applied translate into a lower impact to reduce our CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus fulfilling the commitment we made in our environmental policy, signed and published by our management.

Selective collection of light packaging

In March 2019, Keraben, with the help of Ecoembes and Reciclamás, implemented a system for the selective collection of light packaging waste (plastic and metal) from their production plants, filling services and offices.

Yellow bins have been distributed at strategic points where plastic waste is produced, such as coffee machines, water coolers and the company canteen. The total amount of packaging collected and recycled in 2019 was 1,890 kg, according to data from the management company.

On the one hand, this is positive as it implies that the waste was processed in an appropriate segregated way, allowing it to be recycled and then later reused.

However, the company is well aware of the large amount of plastic waste it generates simply through the water, coffee or snacks consumed by employees. It has therefore implemented numerous measures to reduce the generation of this plastic waste, such as replacing plastic cups in coffee machines and water coolers with recycled cardboard alternatives throughout Keraben Grupo.

These results were made possible thanks to the participation of all the company's employees, who will continue implementing improvements in this area to ensure the company remains as sustainable as possible.

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