15 marzo 2021

KERABEN GRUPO, as part of its commitment to sustainability and industrial efficiency, coordinates the circular economy Project EROS

Inscribed within a strategic commitment to research and innovation (R&I), and in alignment with the objectives stated in the EU’s Green Deal, KERABEN GRUPO coordinates the collaborative project “EROS: Economía ciRcular en compOSites: del sector eólico y aeronáutico a la industria cerámica y el transporte” (“Circular Economy in Composites: From the Eolic and Aeronautical Sectors to the Ceramic and Transportation Industries”).

The project is yet another contribution by KERABEN GRUPO to the ongoing industrial transition towards a more efficient paradigm in the use of resources and raw materials, neutrality in emissions, recirculation of inputs, and overall modernization of production activities with a view to achieving a sustainable circular economy.

Project EROS’ objective is the reutilization of materials through their reintroduction into the production cycle as inputs for the ceramic and transportation industries. The technologies developed during the project and their expected results will have positive impacts both in the efficiency and industrial competitiveness of the target sectors, and in the environmental sustainability at large, due to a better management of material resources, energy, and waste.

The project is partly financed by the Spanish Ministry for Science and Innovation, as part of the call “Collaboration Challenges 2019”, with number RTC2019-007206-5, within Challenge 5: ”Action on climate change and efficiency in the use of resources and raw materials.” A six-member consortium was created for the project, whose members are: KERABEN GRUPO, RECICLALIA, FRITTA, SOFITEC, and the Institutes of Technology ITC and AIMPLAS.

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