06 octubre 2020

Tips for installing ceramic tile levelling systems

There are various levelling systems on the market that help to facilitate the levelling and correct installation of ceramic tiles, thus avoiding the dreaded "ridges", i.e. small unevennesses between tiles. At Keraben Grupo we have made a guide containing general recommendations for the proper use of ceramic tile levelling systems available to our network of distributors and installers, taking into account the differences between the systems.

The guide is a very practical and explanatory document that includes a step by step guide to the ceramic installation, with photographs of each step, so that the guide can be consulted at any time and that also incorporates an explanatory video of the compiled recommendations.


A summary of the recommendations included in this guide is that the surface must be in perfect condition before proceeding to lay tiles and that double adhesive should always be carried out for those formats that require it. The guide also includes the use of a trowel with a 6mm and 10mm adhesive comb spacing, always bearing in mind that it is not a substitute for the T-spacer bars, since its role is to keep the adjacent tiles at the same height, thus avoiding the appearance of ridges.

In addition, the company does not recommend placing the levelling systems in corners unless the manufacturer has a system developed and certified specifically for their installation. And it is very important to always take into account the setting time of the adhesive.

In the installation process, first the bases are placed on the parts already installed; then the parts on the other side of the bases are installed and adjusted. To do this, it is advisable to lightly tap the tiles with a rubber mallet.

For porous or thinly coated parts, Keraben Grupo recommends the installation of protective discs. Once the adhesive has set, the system can be removed.


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